Mystic Lush Oceanic Blue With Orchids Body Wash Shower Gel Over Drying Skin Cleanser, Pollution Protection, Rebalancing & Relaxing For All Skin Types

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BrandMystic Lush Ideal ForMen ,Women TypeShower Gel Organic TypeHerbal FragranceTea Tree FeaturesMoisturizing ,Refreshing

Orchid flower Shower gel, if repeatedly used, in fragrances defends the skin from environmental pollution while hydrating the skin. The core of the orchid flower can be applied on all types of skin and increases cell restoration. Additionally orchid oil moisture the skin it also boosts the immunity of the skin, reduces fine lines, signs of ageing and soothes the skin. The substance contained in orchids helps to nurture your skin. So for those of you who want to have skin treatment for the healthy and nourishing skin, you can use this orchid as one of the easiest solutions to nourish the skin.

The fragrance of orchid has lots of health benefits too, it will help to reduce the level of stress. This is because of the beauty and the aroma that spread from the orchid flowers extracts will create a relaxing effect that leads to serenity and peace as well for those who see the orchid flowers